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“It’s not the value of this moment that most concerns me; it’s the tomorrow after tomorrow when I wait to hear from you but you never call.” He adored her, every ounce of her. They stood in the hall, removed from the chaos of the noisy restaurant that adjoined the hotel and it’s night club. Her foot tapped lightly in her black heeled-shoe, a show of annoyance or indifference, he couldn’t determine which. He watched her face carefully, desperate to measure her emotion- she seemed too good at hiding her true nature.

She sighed, and inside he immediately felt defeated, his ego bruised, the sting a dagger.

“We’ve been over this. I’m not looking for tomorrow. I never have.” Adele leaned against the wall, her casual mannerism clouded with an abject, mortared distance. “This isn’t about love or like even.”

He heard the distant shatter of the remnant of his courage; she wouldn’t budge, even now when more was something she could provide. He had hoped that she’d at least consider the alternative and commit to a relationship that was exclusively just him. It had been a year since he first met her at a retreat for corporate sponsors.

“I honestly believed there was more to us,” he motioned between them, stepping toward her, resting his hand on her slim waist.

She didn’t pull away from him. Instead, she leaned her head against the wall, catching his gaze. Her hand clasped his as she brought it to her lips. “I’m not in a place where I desire the same outcome as you, Chandler. I only schedule trips to this area because you are here. That much I’ll give you.” She kissed the knuckles of his warm hand. The grip on her waist tightened.

“Please Adele, why.” He pressed his lips against her forehead, closest to her hairline. He felt anger, bewilderment, confusion but mostly pain. A consuming pain that crept up in the late hours of the night, awakened him from dreams and sobering him even as he attempted to drink love into oblivion. He was sick; sick in love and apparently, unwillingly, he’d have to accept that she would not concede.

“A year ago, when I met you, babe, you knew that “US” was nothing more than a television series. If this is too much, then walk away now.” She responded flatly.

The cruelty of their circumstances seemed to embody those around them, as lovers passed holding hands, clad in glitzy, short dresses and button down shirts. Their lust a beacon of torment, mocking what Chandler yearned in the buxom beauty in front of him. He guided her toward the elevator, his mind clouded with too many uncertainties. He couldn’t think straight and the pulsations of the clubs music impregnated his thoughts with vivid reminders of their last encounter – entwined in each other as patrons danced invisibly around them.

“Adele, I’m in love with you.”

She pressed the switch plate on the wall and watched the glow of the light change from yellow to green as the elevator recalled itself to the lobby. Admittedly, she had a soft spot for him in her heart. Walking away from him would be among one of the most difficult deals she’d negotiated in her long tenure as a closer but if the past were to repeat in the future, then it was a failure she’d head off now. Two words fell heavily from her mouth; inside their finality tore her heart apart.

“I can’t.”

“Then goodnight,” he brushed the side of her face with a gentle touch and upturned her face to his, ” this is where I see you into the elevator. I’ll always remember you.” He kissed her lightly on her flushed cheek as the glass doors slid apart. She stepped inside. When the doors closed, a single tear slipped. She wiped it away with a manicured finger, inhaling deeply, recentering herself.

Thankful for the emptiness that surrounded her as the sole passenger, she muttered aloud, “I love you too.”


“Bad night man?” The young bartender inquired as he set the third Scotch on the mahogany bar top.

Chandler nodded an acknowledgement but offered nothing beyond. He chastised himself for letting her get into that elevator. It physically pained him to let her walk away, and as the door closed, he bled out on the marbled floor of the lobby- or so it felt. He could have easily have taken the easy way out and found an all too willing party goer to fuck into unconsciousness until he couldn’t see her in his head any longer. That made more sense than sitting here, morose and drowning in scotch.

He set the tumbler to the bar, clutching the glass, tethered. His rested his face, contemplative, in his left hand, tapping his thoughts in a light pattern on his lower cheek. He exhaled, a solution revealed, uncloaked from an unseen timeline. He reached into his pocket and dropped a few bills on the counter.

The bartender sized him up, nodded a thanks and moved down the bar to a group of skimpy clad college girls vying for attention.

He shook his head in an impassive amusement as he observed the scene, it would definitely have been too easy to pick one of them up; shooting fish in a barrel. Instead, what he wanted, what he was going to fight for was in the penthouse- damn her.


He took the elevator to his room, three floors below the penthouse suite. His armor clad, the battleground lay ahead- he picked up the phone and punched in her extension. It was late. He could not say with definite certainty that she would bother to answer the call at this intrusive hour. Chandler knew her pattern, however. She barely slept well when in a good mood, insomnia was both her curse and her comforting friend. In visits past, they’d tangle in the bedsheets, chasing down the sun and she would be awake at her computer hours later, having not slept but an hour.

Impatiently he waited through seven rings until the effort was met without success. He returned the phone to the cradle and crossed the room to the small bedroom. “FUCK” he muttered, “you’re so fucking difficult.” He sat on the edge of the bed, liquid courage coursing in his veins, unrewarded. He stared at the papered wall – heart sick.

The clock on the bedside table read 2 a.m. His cellphone mocked him in darkness – no missed calls, no missed texts. Nothing from her; not even unpleasantries telling him to go to hell and don’t look back. Vast nothingness, as if he never existed in her life. Chandler blew out a sigh and collapsed on the bed, clothed.


The knock at his door awakened him from sleep, if he wanted to call it sleep. It was five minutes here and ten minutes there. Each time he tried to forget her face, the next image was her mounted atop his erection, her hands on his chest, grinding into orgasm. The torture a layer in hell, of that he was without doubt.

He stumbled to the door, wiping the sleep from his face – the stubble rough under the palm of his hands. He peered through the view hole that was affixed to the center of the door.


There she stood. Tear-stained and haggard. He unlocked the door and opened it.

“I don’t have much to say Chandler. I knew it was you calling and I wanted to answer. Why does this have to be so complicated.” She looked sad, the saddest he had ever seen her.

Chandler didn’t respond. He felt the distressed emotion of her words. The effort in her disclosure was the closest Adele has ventured in opening up.

“Come in honey.” He stood aside. She hesitated a few seconds before moving. He quietly closed the door after she entered.

“I don’t know if I can find any other truths tonight Chan.”

Chandler cringed at the shortened version of his name. It was her way of being loving. She’d started calling him that the night their sex turned into making love. Adele had rolled over and curled alongside him, resting her head on his bare chest. She was nearest to sleep and uttered his name into the dawn before her breathing quieted and found the steady rhythm of slumber.

” I am in love with you Adele. And any man with half a brain would tell you to your face that you are a cold, calculating bitch. I should remind you in length, with examples, how you stomp on my heart and discard my emotions unless they suit you. That door,  the door I just let you through – you should walk back out of it and remember to let it hit you in the ass on the way out. You know how much I fucking love you. I think you’ve known that for a long time now. That dipshit of an ex-husband destroyed whatever you were before I met you. And I’m trying Adele. I’m really trying to be whatever you need, whenever you are here. But it is ridiculous now. I look like a fool standing here, with you, in my room at 4 in the morning, knowing when you get on that plane tomorrow night that we are through.”

Words he thought he’d never utter, spilled forth and her face, her reaction, unchanging. She leaned on the counter. Aside from the puffiness under her eyes and the blotchiness of her face, her statued reaction ripe with despondence.

“I can’t sleep. I’m exhausted. Please just take me to bed.” For the first time in the year since he met her, her voice hitched.

The lilt in her voice caught him off guard and halted his blood from erupting. He perceived her trivial response to be another dismissal to his confession. Her body language, however, countered his viewpoint. He studied her, chewing on his cheek, silent.

Chandler recognized that two momentous events occured. First, it was late but she came to him – imploring forgiveness, the only way Adele knew, with a practiced feigned indifference. Following that, her tempered reaction to his honesty offered no refute. She was broken. Tears fell as she held eye contact and provided nothing to explain her change of heart.

Chandler closed his eyes, and surrendered. “Come to bed.” He lifted her into his arms and carried her to the bedroom. Pulling back the covers, he set her into the king sized bed and closed the lights. As difficult as she can be, she was where he longed for her – in his bed.

He climbed in on the opposite side, careful to allow her the space she needed to sort herself. This version of Adele was uncharted territory for him; she was fragile. His instinct was to cradle her, pull her near and stroke her hair until she either fell asleep or let the damn break and find the emotion that lay frozen within. It had to be on her terms.

She turned to face him, her hand searching for his. He entwined his fingers through hers holding tight, the warmth of her hand’s touch as welcoming as the sex they shared on many nights. Adele did not move closer. Instead, she faced him and stroked his hand with her thumb. Minutes passed and his body reminded him of the exhaustion, both physically and mentally. He closed his eyes, slowly succumbing to slumber.

“Chan,” her voice small and weak, broke the silence.


“You know I love you in my own way, right?” Her question a mix of desperation and hope as she squeezed his hand.

“I do Adele. Go to sleep baby.” It was enough. He would take what she proposed. It was the closest she has come to saying I love you.

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Blue, the color of the water’s transition as it leaves the depths of darkness and the sands come closer to the surface, that is the color of his eyes.

I study him as I sit in the corner, sipping on dark bourbon, the taste a delicate flavor in my mouth. I wonder what the taste of his tongue would be mixed with the drink in my heavy tumbler. Would he be neat, polite, clean in how he took a kiss? The kiss of a man that comes in passing.

Would he be messy and premature, remnant of teenage angst, still trying to find balance. The idea of lusting teenagers, groping and untrained, immediately left an unpleasant taste in my mouth. The memories of hurried moments, haunting.

The tumbler was heavy in my hand as I raised it to my lips and paused, looking out of the window to my right. The hustle of the passersby erasing the shudder of disappointment from the thought of two seconds ago. How incredulous a thought if that were the case.  I sipped slowly, allowing the liquid to linger on my tongue before I swallowed.

A reflection in the window drew my attention back to my original focus, the well dressed stranger in charcoal slacks and a light gray button-down that clung perfectly in all the right places. He rose from the chair, and smoothed his slacks before he turned in my direction. He walked with confidence, purpose; his stride deliberate. I did not remove the glass from my parted lips. I let it linger, suspended mid-air, as my tongue teased the cool rim, unashamed.

He glanced in the window as he passed my table, subtly stalling his pace. Perhaps he expected me to turn around and give him the satisfaction of acknowledgement. I searched the glass for his reflection and locked on his eyes, offering nothing more than an upturned smirk – mimicking his confidence as I tipped the glance for a full gulp. No words were spoken as he continued toward the darkened hall in the direction of the restrooms.

There was definitely no denying the tension that sat heavy in the air. Leaning back, surveying the crowd, I noticed how my body reacted. Nipples erect under silk, quickened heart beat, moisture beading between my legs; his attraction pulled at the temptress hiding, not so elegantly, beneath the surface.

Finishing off the glass, I stood. There are dangers to taking what you ponder. Every ounce of what was moral and ethical blinked like a cheap neon sign inside of me. Ignoring it, I adjusted my gray houndstooth mid-thigh skirt, my body on a crusade despite the warning.

Femininity and alcohol are mixtures for both disaster and boldness. I felt empowered as my heels clicked on the wood planks beneath me. Did I think this through? Not in the least but those eyes, that pull – no mixed messages in that encounter. The temptation driving me toward the same darkened hallway.

I rounded the corner as the door to the men’s room opened slowly. He stopped short when his gaze drew up the length of my body and met my eyes. He towered above me a full head, his broad shoulders reminiscent of a college athlete. I caught his scent. And he caught me.

This is the moment that I should have objected. The absolute minute that I should have protested his uninvited grip on my wrist. Someone, anyone aside from me would have objected and turned heel, or at the very least, taken a knee to his groin and feared their safety.

Not me. I welcomed his power. After all, I went on the prowl for him.

Unashamed, I followed as he lead me into the private bathroom. I held his gaze as the door lock engaged. He backed me up to the sink, loosening his grip. His eyes asked permission and our silent exchange granted him access.

His head lowered to my ear, “You can say no.”

Breathy, “I could.”

He trailed his mouth across my neck, barely touching my skin. The heat of his breath on my skin felt as hot as the sin. “Are we going to bother with names?”

“Does it matter?”

“I suppose it doesn’t.”

His mouth found mine, the pondering was no longer a wonder. He pressed hard, determined, powerful, demanding of reciprocation. I parted my lips and my legs for him. His size pressed against my stomach, a fresh wave of heat washed over me entirely. My legs felt weak as he swiftly raised my hips and set me on the hard surface of the solid marble.

I shifted my body, greedy for closeness.

“Caleb,” he spoke into my mouth as his tongue found mine, drawing me nearer as his arm circled my waist. I steadied myself on his arms as he shifted me forward. “Call me Caleb.”

“Fine.” Greedy, I wanted more from his kiss. My hand slid up the fabric of his shirt, entwining my fingers in his hair, focusing his attention on my mouth. I hooked his thigh with my leg, forcing him closer. The pitch of his breath shifted. I felt his hunger growing as his lips left mine and continued their assault with nips along my jawline. His free hand gripped the nape of my neck, forcing me upward.

“You’re dangerously close to a precipice that won’t end if I cross that threshold.” His warning a promise.

I gripped his wrist and placed it lower on my hip, on the fleshy skin beneath the waist band, “Squeeze, here.”

He did not hesitate to oblige. The strength of his grip, wild, forceful.

“Do you feel that, the heat against you?” I disrupted his focus. “Do you see the flush in my skin?”

I reached up and unfastened the top two buttons of my blouse, exposing the soft swell of my breasts.

“Mhm.” he muttered as he lowered his mouth over mine.

I disentangled myself from his grip, pushing him back gently as I stood. His hand slid from my hip, falling to his side. He stepped back, creating the slightest gap. He studied me, nothing more than that.

I lifted my hand to rest on his chest, “Caleb right? While I’m sure you’d feel great buried deep inside of me, I was most curious about how your mouth would feel over mine. I hate to leave you in a state.” My hand trailed down his shirt, stopping above his waist.

I moved toward the door, admiring the bulge behind those charcoal slacks. “You don’t mind if I say goodbye now right?” I unlocked the door and cracked it enough to break the privacy we shared.

“I told you that you could say no,” he reminded, his blue eyes glazed.

I shrugged and walked out, satisfied that I accomplished my mission. The sound of my heels echoed in the halls.

“Um, excuse me,” his voice came from behind me.

I stopped at the entrance to the hall, “Yes?”

“Oh, I’ll be fucking the shit out of you tonight. So don’t make plans for tomorrow either.” I shook my head and turned around, paying my tab at the bar. The air felt refreshing as I inhaled sharply in the cool afternoon. As I walked toward my car, my desire in overdrive, my phone vibrated in my clutch.

I pulled it out once I was in the elevator to the parking garage, “I have one helluva hard on and that was unfair but so fucking hot. I’ll see you tonight baby, I love you. xo Caleb :)”

I rolled my eyes and traded my keys for my phone. We were quite the pair finding excuses to see who can make a public spectacle and come as close to voyeurism without actually having sex. It made the conquering more than worthwhile.

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Mind and Body

“What is it you want?” I shifted in my seat, setting my stockinged foot on the ledge of the window, tapping the pencil lightly as the sunlight  poured through my office window. The clock read noon on the computer.

“I want you to let me make you climax in person.” Bryton’s statement directly to the point.

I swallowed, and an amused sound escaped, projecting itself through the phone line. I’ll admit, he was pretty brazen. He has yet to mince words and perhaps it was among one of the premiere reasons I kept my distance every time he was in town. Admittedly though, I loved to toy with him – the banter charged my sexual prowess while a cold shower kept it all in perspective.

I knew if he could see me chewing on my lower lip right now, he’d lean across the desk and finish the task for me. I couldn’t resist relinquishing myself to counter his sinful tactics.

“So you want to hear the heady breathing of your handiwork as my pleasure is vocalized in rhythmic echoes under your skilled touch?” I shook my head, smiling, waiting for him to respond, while running the eraser tip down the length of my  freshly shaved thighs. I stopped intermittently to cast small circles in the air.

Bryton was what I referred to as my poison – the one sin that would cast me in a downward spiral faster than I thought imagined. At 6’4″, broad-chested, shaggy hair that he wore in a bun and didn’t care whether the world loved or hated him. He did as he pleased and shrugged off the attention. I envied his natural “f*k it” demeanor. Holy hell, I cannot forget the way his ass looks in jeans – or a suit. Dressed up or casual, that man won the “who wore it best” hands down, no contest.

Whenever he was in a suit – I walked in the opposite direction. I swear one of these days, I’m going to forget my head and end up in a compromising position that neither of us are equipped to handle – earth-shaking.

“We’ve discussed this Tawny,” he paused.

I could just imagine the frustration right now, if the bothered tone was any indication. I settled into the armchair, pressing my back snug – partly picturing him above me, tilting my head to meet his gaze. His thumb would caress my cheek and unceremoniously pluck my lip from beneath my teeth. His look, expectant as he bent down to brush his lips against mine.

“What have we discussed.” I knew what he meant but over the phone, with distance my buoy, I taunted him relentlessly.

“I’m very skilled, very rhythmic and will take you higher than what you’ve painted in your pretty little head. Sure, I know you’ve had other lovers, but I will overpower you with as much pleasure as your body will allow.”

My stomach flopped. How could this quiet man turn me inside out? If he were one of those arrogant, egotists I’d encountered much of my young life – I’d brush him off without so much as an explanation. I have no problem with dismissal. At 26 years old, I am not interested in the next Cocky S.O.B. to serenade me with a line of bull just to get into my pants.

Except, everything about Bryton beckoned me to torture myself, tease him and then stall whenever he was within 10 feet of me. I wanted him, all that he offered and there in lies the problem. I don’t think I’m capable of rising to match his expectations. I’m selfish, shy and sensitive while sinful and seductive. Is that even possible?

“Girl, I’m telling you. I’m not going to let you keep brushing me off. We both know that intellectually I stimulate your mind; and physically – I’ve watched the blush rise in your cheeks and the smokey haze spell wash over you. I know I entice you. I pay close attention to you Tawny, even when you don’t think I notice the way you deliberately allow those slick talkers to dominate your attention. I’ve dialed in on your game girl – you’ll avoid me at all costs and I’m telling you – I’ll fuck both your mind and your body.”

My mouth dropped open.

“I can’t  …. I have to go.” I stuttered, knowing he was right but wanting to end this phone call. My groin ached. My heart ached and the appeal of his last remark, branded my soul. I loathed how he possessed me and we haven’t even kissed.

“I’ll let you go, but, um … in case you’re wondering – I’m hard right now and you’re to blame.”

He clicked off the line, leaving me staring at a spot on the floor. I sat in the same position, contemplating the conversation. Exasperated, I blew out a frustrated breath and sat upright, the tingling between my thighs reminding me how effective his words were to my core.

“Damn you Bryton.” I muttered, setting the phone on the desk. I had emails to answer but at the moment, the only thing I wanted was a cold shower and tall glass of wine – and a good romp between the sheets. Since the latter wasn’t about to become reality – the shower and wine would have to be the consolation for the moment.


To be continued …….


Hello Gorgeous

“Hey, I’m going for a run,” Tess yelled to her roommate as she headed out the front door.

“Be safe bitch face! Don’t forget drinks tonight at RJ’s, you promised,” Bev hollered after her.

She stretched outside of the building; passerby’s unphased at the sight of tight t-shirts and short-shorts among the hustle of quitting time. She pulled her blonde tresses into a tight ponytail, slipping in her ear buds as the sultry vocals of Crazy in Love melodically caressed her ears. She knew that she promised drinks tonight but she couldn’t shake the images of HIM.

She saw him from time to time when she left the Arena, a Cross-Fit gym that also partnered with local fitness artists to give patrons a one-stop shop for workout options. She led the cycle class. It was a full class most nights that she taught there. It gave her a reason to sweat without the guilt of pounding footfalls into miles when she didn’t make it to the gym. Lately though, she had missed too many runs and today’s miles were her penance.

Tess took with her the image of HIM, sweaty, shirt off – perspiration dripping off his brow and the connection she felt as she caught his stare after last night’s class. She had been talking to one of the guests who were a regular in her class, discussing an option to perform a class that was strictly themed for “120 BPM, “ with pulsating music in a dimly lit room; life imitating the art of dance but done on cycles.

As she nodded at the idea, she felt the intense sensation of being watched. As she scanned the room, HE was there, watching her without trying to appear to do so.  She recognized the three jug heads he was standing with. Jug heads was an unfair statement but the way they dominated the equipment room, circling like vultures around the weights and to her, spending too much time loitering when they should be actually be working out. He didn’t work out with them too often. He kept to himself most times, at least the times she saw him as she was handing in her keys to Bobby at reception.

As she hit the mile and half mark, rounding the water’s edge along the path, Tess dodged out of the way of a wayward pooch who had escaped the grips of a young owner.  The leash trailed along the asphalt of the trail as the young girl, clearly winded, called for the chocolate Labrador pup to stop. Seeing the girl’s distress, Tess doubled back and hit a full on sprint, passing the girl in basketball shorts and a baggy shirt.

“I’ll help you.” She shouted over the song in her ear to the girl.

The puppy became distracted with something in grass near the break in the trail, slowing just enough to give Tess an opportunity to grasp the leather leash.

“Hey there fella,” she pet the dog’s head, giving his ears a good rub. He came easy on the leash as she gently tugged him in the opposite direction to his red-faced owner, who was quickly approaching.

“Here ya go love; he has tons of energy huh?” Tess gave her control of the leash once more.

“Thanks,” she squeaked out as she stood, taking in big gulps of air.

“No problem, just hold tight to him okay,” and Tess doubled back for another few miles before she headed home.

Hot from the shower, she told Bev about the hottie from the gym, leaving no detail of his physique out as she toweled off her hair in the living room, standing near the arm of the sofa.

“So really Tess, you never took the opportunity to find out his name? What was this, some sort of sick obsession – I’ll just ogle you and you can ogle me, from afar?” Bev laughed as she leaned against the back of the sofa, her arms crossed.

“I was not ogling him.” Tess flipped her hair, finger combing her blonde waves, “Okay, maybe I was ogling just a little but girl, that sweat on his brow and his perfectly toned abs and oh my God, those arms.” And that’s what she noticed about him from the start – his arms. It’s what she always noticed first, the muscles of the arms. It represented strength – an ability to take control, have possession – hold her down with just enough force that guaranteed he’d take control without saying one word.

It turned her into a pile of mush – a complete sucker to his demands.

“So, no name? No clue on where he works, what he does? Is he a serial killer?” Bev was having too much fun making fun of her with this.

“Shut it up! Don’t make me throw your weaknesses in your face! Go get a damn shower; you’re the one who said we were having drinks tonight – remember!”

“Fine but let me see him and I might just do the roommate take over … you know – TAKE OVER.” Bev grabbed herself, trailing her fingers up her body.

“You are absolutely ridiculous – go shower!”

An hour later, both women were dressed in heels and a variance of the same little black dress.  Uber dropped them off at RJ’s, a local hot spot in the city – if you wanted to get laid, you could find a sure thing and if you just wanted to drink and dance, without needing a sure thing – this was also the place.

Bev signaled the hard-bodied bartender. He came over to her – his body barely hidden behind his tight tee and tight jeans that emphasized exactly what he was packing behind that bar.

“What’ll it be doll face?”

“Hiya! Two white Russians please.”

He nodded and went to work on filling tumblers with Vodka and Kahlua, adding a splash of cream over ice. Within minutes, he set the two tumblers on the counter.

“Keep the change,” Bev winked and grabbed the drinks, handing one to Tess.

“You are not ….” Tess trailed off as Bev just smiled that knowing glance toward the hottie who she just slipped a large tip.

“Go big or go home right?”

The two crossed the room, finding an open set of club chairs with a table in the back of the room. As Tess sipped, she surveyed the room and froze. As soon as HE turned around – his eyes caught hers. Her insides melted and she silently swore, keeping a straight face as she broke the connection, returning her attention to Bev who was rambling on about how good tonight may just turn out to be after all. She had no idea.

Tess contemplated finishing her drink and dragging her bestie to the dance floor, eager to escape the intense sensation of being surveilled. Continuing to linger with her drink in hand, she ignored the prickling of her skin, shifting her body; putting an imaginary barrier up. She hoped if she gave herself the appearance of disinterest that He’d ignore her altogether. It was pretty pathetic, giggling to herself quietly.

“What’s so funny?” Bev interrupted her inner thoughts.

“Oh nothing in particular, just people watching.” She lied

“This place is not lacking in that department.” Bev swallowed the last of her drink, “Finish up so we can go hit the dance floor.”

Tess thanked the universe that her intervention. She tipped the last of her drink to her lips and handed her glass to the cute little waitress that sauntered by, wearing a similar uniform to the bartender that Bev had been eyeing up.  She pushed up from the seat and trailed close behind Bev as they lost themselves into the sea of the sweaty bodies crowding the over-sized dance floor. Her body swayed to the music, losing her cares in the melodies of top tunes trending on the radio that the DJ spun and mixed.

“If I didn’t know better, I’d say you were avoiding me,” he whispered into her ear as his hands gently gripped her hips.

Tess didn’t turn around. In fact, she didn’t even flinch. She knew it was HIM before the first word fell out of his mouth. She felt a shift in the energy, as the crowd gave way momentarily, making space and through closed eyes, she felt him right before he spoke.

His rhythm matched hers, daringly; he pulled her back toward him, just a few inches – keeping a barely breathable space between them.

She opened her eyes, meeting Bev’s.

Bev tilted her head, raised her chin slightly and with a squinted eye, asked her a question but never uttered a word. Tess nodded, answering her silent question. She stayed near her friend; the safety in numbers routine but Bev gave her a wider berth to allow her male guest some dance space. She smiled in Tess’s direction and turned her attention toward a strapping young suitor who had also used the gap to get closer.

The sound changed to a sultrier, seductive mix of tracks. “You can turn to face me, I won’t bite you.” The sound of his voice became an inviting trance. His grasp on her hips tightened as he slowly turned her body in time with the music pulsing over the speakers, a light force with intentional control.

Heat spiked where her legs met her pelvis, a wash of nervous sexual tension rose through her stomach, flushing her body.  He guided her to a complete halt when they faced each other; a suave widening grin greeted her.

“Hello, gorgeous.” The lilt of his voice, his breath close to her face, a mixture of whiskey and his cologne surrounded her, overwhelming her senses. The way he lingered on the emphasis of gor-geous; unhinging.  Something bout you makes me feel like a dangerous woman echoed in her ear, lyrics from the mix playing around them.

He stepped in closer, sliding his thigh in between hers, his grip loosening on one hip as he encircled her waist, skimming across the fabric of her dress. His confidence impressed her while scaring every ounce of her – he held her before his hips ground against her, his eyes never leaving hers as he moved her body in a match of erotic dance.

Their chemistry, a hurricane of tension, bubbled up as the music shifted to a popular Imagine Dragons song, dragging their bodies closer in step. Tess knew she should regain the upper hand, for lack of better phrasing but her brain disconnected. She existed in this moment with a complete stranger – not complete, she’d seen him many times over the past few months. Her body betrayed her, the heat, her desire, even sound escaped her. She should ask him his name – she had hesitantly smiled in response when he called her gorgeous. He must think she was mute all of the sudden – in essence, it would be true.

“I’m Tess,” she leaned in closer to avoid yelling over the decibels pouring from overhead.

“Cooper,” he replied, kissing her ear as he backed away. They said nothing else, close proximity and fluid movements their only conversation. Bev tapped her on the shoulder, giving pause to connection. He let her go without being asked, respectable she noted to herself silently.

“Bathroom break” Bev inquired?

“Actually, yes.” Tess responded. She returned her attention to Cooper, “I’ll be back.”

He nodded and grabbed her hand as she turned to follow Bev, “Meet me by the bar when you two are done. Take your time, I’m not going anywhere.”

“What is that about?” Bev pressed as they stood in line waiting for bathroom.

Tess shrugged, honestly lost for words, “That is the guy I was telling you about earlier – the HIM.”

Bev nodded, snickering and leaned against the wall, “So that is HIM? Well, you certainly didn’t do him justice by your description. You could have said he was sculpted by the Gods’ from the finest marble the earth had to offer; because damn girl, that guy is fine!”

“Imagine my surprise when I saw him. I tried to become invisible when we were drinking in the chairs before we hit the dance floor. He totally took me off guard.”

“I can see why.” Bev teased.

They found Cooper waiting exactly where he said he would be, at the bar with a drink in hand and two on the bar. As they approached, he handed them each a white Russian.

“I saw you walk away from the bar earlier and since the bartender is a friend, I asked him what you ordered,” he smirked.

Tess nodded, sucking in air as her tongue skimmed over her teeth, a small sound escaping, “You like to do your homework?”

“Is that a bad thing?” he quizzed her.

Bev held her drink to her lips and interrupted their banter, “Hey, so you know that guy right there, with the sandy colored hair and stacked body?”

Cooper and Tess simultaneous turned their heads toward Bev.

“What, he’s hot? Besides, is he your friend or NOT?” She sipped her drink

Tess elbowed her, “You’re killing me.”

“His name is Tommy. He is currently single and yes, I definitely know him.” Cooper rotated his body toward the bar and raised two fingers toward Tommy, catching his attention. Tommy nodded an acknowledgement, finishing up at the other end of the bar with a very drunk buxom brunette.

He leaned across the bar moments later, “Hey Coop, what can I do for ya?”

“Tommy, these are my two white Russians right?” he signaled between Tess and Bev.

“Yep, that would be them.” His laughter mixed with amusement as his gaze skimmed over both girls.

“Good, then Tommy, this is …,” he looked at Bev and paused.

Bev, forgetting they hadn’t been introduced and curious about the direction of this interaction, leaned in and extended her hand toward the hunky bartender. “I’m Bev.”

“Nice to meet you,” his voice louder as the song shifted to a new beat.

“When do you get off?” Cooper asked as the handshake lingered between Tommy and Bev.

“About an hour,” Tommy responded, letting go of Bev’s hand.

“Nice, alright, are you interested in a late dinner with these two?” Bev and Tess stepped out of the way to allow two more patrons to place their order.

“Yeah man, sure.”

Cooper picked his drink up from the bar counter and joined the ladies who had maneuvered themselves to an upright table tucked off in corner within view of the dance floor. The bodies were a sea of sway and grinding to a continuous beat that kept the crowd moving.

“I hope you don’t mind but I made late night dinner plans for you with Tommy and myself.” He eyed Bev quickly, and then directed his gaze to Tess.

Tess, uncertain how to interpret this course, simply nodded. She knew good and well that Tommy was in Bev’s cross hairs and being a good roommate, she’d not cock block her on that. That then left her with another dilemma; he was built, confident, oozed sexuality and went by the name of Cooper.

Fuck was she in for it.

Laughter came easily as they sat in the too bright room of a local 24 hour diner. Bev was regaling the group with another adventure of comedic misfortune that she crossed path with this week.  Tess leaned casually against the back of the tattered cushioned booth as Cooper draped his arm across the back of the bench, playing with strands of her hair as they lay across her bare shoulders. Tommy propped his foot across the booth, taking up small portion of the opposite seat, his body positioned to face Bev. To a passerby, they looked like two couples who knew each other well – quite the contrary.

“It’s been a few months since I’ve chased the sunlight,” Tess yawned, stretching. Cooper moved his arm, pulling her against his chest.

“Well then I guess I better get you home before you vaporize as the sun crests the skyline.” He taunted as he lightly kissed the top of her head.

“That’s my cue then guys,” Tommy untangled himself from the booth and stood. He was pretty impressive in the light. His tall frame towered above Bev as he held his hand out to assist her off the seat beside him. He didn’t release her hand after she was standing beside him.

He turned to Bev, staring down, as he was nearly a foot taller than her, “Wanna ride home?”

Looking down at their entwined fingers, Bev set her gaze on Tess, “You good here girl?” She winked and playfully hip checked Tommy, although it was more like a lower thigh check.

Tess winked at her crazy roommate, “As long as Cooper doesn’t mind seeing me home, you are free to go as you please lovely.”

Cooper patiently waited as Tess stood. He reached into his pocket and dropped a hundred dollar bill on the table. The group eyed him suspiciously.

“I think it’s a fair tip, we’ve been here for a few hours. Let’s just say we rented this table.”

“Whatever you say, big spender.” Tess razzed him.

“I’ll show you big spender,” his brought his hand to the small of her back as they followed behind her roommate and her bartender. She relished the comfort and ease that accompanied his close proximity. She wondered why she had waited so long to meet him – what was she afraid of?

“Okay you two, be careful – Tommy, I want her home in the same condition I gave her to you.” Tess shook her head as they parted ways to opposite cars.

Inside Cooper’s sleek BMW, she inhaled the scent of the leather – enticing.

“Do you want to come back to my place?” his question lingered as he stared ahead, the car warming up.

“If I come back to your place, you know what can happen.” She stared out of the tinted passenger window. The flicker of the light on the diner sign went out, indicating that the sunrise was right around the corner.

“What’s not to say that the same thing wouldn’t happen if I walked you to your front door,” he took her hand into his and brought it to her lips.

His feather-light kiss raised the little hairs all over her body. Her gaze left the window as she hesitantly rotated her body in the bucket seat, shifting to capture the expression of his face.

“Tess, we can just sleep. I don’t need to fuck you right now. I mean, I want to. I’ve wanted to for weeks. I’ve watched in the gym in those tight leggings, your ass outlined and beckoning me to grip it. I had quite a few moments of pause when I was lifting – and by pause, I mean I had to adjust my arousal whenever I caught glimpses of you. You have no idea girl.” His confession was suspended on the air between them, raw and heavy.

She swallowed, squeezed his hand and responded, “Yes.”

Standing in the foyer of his house, she reached down and pulled off her black heels as he did the same with his shoes. Sun breached the break in the heavy drapes as she stepped off of the tile and onto the plush carpet.

“Let me show you to the living room and I’ll go grab you something you can sleep in.” He led her down a short corridor that opened into a wide living space with floor to ceiling windows. A wide leather sofa occupied most of the space while a large flat screen hung from the wall above a river rock fireplace.

“Nice.” She nodded as she sat on the edge of the sofa as he disappeared around a hall corner. Cooper returned a few minutes later carrying clothing options in his hand.

“I hope these are suitable enough for you to sleep in.” He handed over a tee shirt and a pair of sweatpants with a string in the waist. “The pants may be a bit big and that is of course unless you want to sleep in whatever you are wearing under that dress.”

Tess thought about it for a few heartbeats, “I suppose that depends on where I’m sleeping and what you have in mind?” She pulled her bottom lip into her mouth, biting gently.” It was brazen of her; she knew this. She was tired of holding back on what she wanted and right now, as tired as she was; her body craved his unfamiliar touch. If the way he moved on the dance floor was any indication of his talent in the bedroom then she wanted more of him.

“Sweetheart, don’t ask for something that you are unwilling to actually receive.” He took a step closer.

“I wouldn’t say unwilling.”

She could feel him inhale more deeply before he moved to her and swept her into his arms. He took the clothing from her grip and discarded them on the floor before turning and heading down the hall. His hold on her steady, and before he crossed the threshold of his bedroom, he set her feet onto the floor, pinning her to the wall with his hips.

“I already told you that I do not need to fuck you. You know how I feel already; I’m willing to wait until we know each other better. But be warned, if I take you beyond this door – any control that I have left will be lost and I will bury myself deep inside of you. Make no mistake of my intention to possess your body right now.” His mouth, inches from hers; his gaze held barely contained lust.

Words weren’t necessary for what was next; she pulled his face to hers and pressed her lips to his. Without hesitation, he kissed her back, his tongue seeking hers as he gripped her once more, pulling her up into his arms and depositing her onto the bed without breaking their connection.

The lust that bound them in this moment, Tess lost in his kiss as his hands pressed her further against the bed, a pain mixed with pleasure. Her body was unable to move against the weight of him locked half on top of her. Tess encircled her hands around his back, urging him closer. With the slightest motion, she shifted her hip, offering herself for his taking.

He didn’t miss her motion, the grip on her loosened and his hand eased under the flimsy fabric of her black dress. Her t-back thongs soaked with her desire.

“You are so wet. That is so hot.” He slipped a finger under the fabric and brushed across her bud, before sinking into the wetness.

Tess drew in a hissed breath, closing her eyes; seizing the arousal from his intrusion. His body lay alongside her, half across her as he kissed her neck and fed another digit inside. It was all she could do to keep it together – the intensity searing.

“Is this what you want Tess? My fingers inside of you; my thumb pressing on your clit as you pulse around me, squeezing. I can feel your climax rising and when you finally crest over, I am going to bury my fucking cock deep inside of you, and fuck you hard.” His words were barely a whisper in her ear.

It was enough though, enough to send her racing toward a climax – the room spinning as she clamped around him.  She barely heard the crinkle of his condom, barely felt him move to unzip his pants. Her climax rolled and he wasted little time before positioning himself above her and thrusting inside without mercy.

She cried out, incoherent. His pace was unforgiving, needing.  With each penetration, he sank into her and then pulled almost completely out before repeating the rhythm.  His body tipped over her; he found her mouth and sealed it with his.  It was probably for good measure because he fucked her harder; harder than he had since he claimed her initial orgasm.

Her nails dug into his back, repaying him in kind. The world melted around her with nothing but the two of them in existence. He raised her leg higher, altering the angle of his sensual assault. He fell deeper into her but the friction of his skin against her, rubbing her clit, caught her inside another vortex of a rising orgasm.

“I’m going to come.” She tore free from his kiss and rested her head against his chest. The buildup escalating as he slid into her with each stroke. He advanced quicker, sinking deeper; her wetness allowing his engorged cock to advance with ease as the flesh of his skin brushed her clit, swollen and tingling.

“I want to feel it baby.” He angled his body, skin closer to her, grinding.

A guttural sound escaped her mouth as her orgasm washed over her. Shivers of sensitive sparks coursed over her body, she didn’t recognize the sound she tried to cover as she bit into his shoulder. She shook over the entire length of her body.


“I’m there with you baby.” His pace quickened even deeper than before until he too lost himself. He slowed, matching her soft moans with gentle strokes inside of her, prolonging their releases before he settled, motionless, between her legs. He was still nestled in her warm to the base of his cock. “Hey there rock star, do you think you could take your teeth out of my shoulder?” He smiled down at her with a sated grin.

“Oops, sorry.” She kissed the small indentations her teeth left behind on his shoulder before finding his mouth.

“I’m glad you said yes,” he bit her lip playfully and ground against her sensitive flesh.

She pulled away from him, “Stop that.”

“Stop what,” Cooper teased his flesh across her still swollen clit again, his hand wandered slowly to her warm folds, taunting the tendered flesh, “Stop this?”

She was tired and sore but the touch of his hands, against her again, placing pressure on her clit and then releasing – need and want intertwined. “Yes but No … but oh, yes please.” Her voice cooed.

“Such a needy little thing aren’t you?” He teased and withdrew from her.

She instantly missed him filling her.

He reached over her and deposited the condom into the trash. He drew her closer to his chest as he settled against the pillows, pulling the covers over the two of them.

“We both need sleep but just so you know, round two awaits and I’m going to suck that fucking orgasm from you and then fuck you all over again.” Cooper lifted her face to his with his free hand and kissed her slowly, “Now go to sleep.”

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What is it like when you think of fuck?
Does it release a devilish pleasure
Does it cover you in a
reddened blush?

What does the pit of your stomach beg
when hands wander and find
your nipples erect?

What does the swell of your breast say
when the mouth clamps over flesh
and rakes with the torture of
scraping teeth?

Does your cock quiver?
Does your clit arouse?

Are you consumed in guilt as fingers glide-
finding the warmth of secrets hidden
between thighs to pure to ask?

Is the slip of the tongue across
the bulbous flesh –
pleasing and teasing,
sucking for more
too much for one to bear?

Tell me again,
What happens when you think of the word fuck?

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In the night, a whispered plea,
Let me take you under the moonlight,
On the sand, by the gurgling sea.

I want to rise and fall inside of you,
Watch the passion in your eyes,
Listen to the lust pouring greedily,
Provoked by the wash of a watchful sea.

Meet me at the water’s edge,
Undress for me, under the moonlight,
Alone this time, just you and me.

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Deep Release

Do you hear me breathing?
 Can you feel the heat?
Waves of tortured shivers
  wash the climax higher.
Your cock slips deeper in me,
  My body clenched in ravenous need.
Each stroke provokes the intensity
  Of my sinning inner beast.
I plead for harder thrusting,
 “Pull my hair and fuck me deep”.
Obliging and attentive,
Your body does unleash, 
 A force that brings us to the brink,
  Of sex’s sated, untamed release.

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